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Marc Alary

Demoiselles Earrings Cutout

Demoiselles Earrings Cutout

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Insects play a significant role in the animal kingdom due to their perplex & enigmatic nature. These characteristics are mirrored in the beautifully designed Demoiselles Earrings. The dragonfly’s body is made with smoky quartz, padparadascha, and white pave diamonds in various shapes and cuts to add dimension and texture. The play on light over the 18k rose gold wings creates even more nuances and variations of color making these statement earrings even more dazzling!


18K Pink & White Gold Demoiselles Earrings Cutout with Padparadascha, Smocky Quartz Cabochon & White Diamonds


11 grams of Solid Gold

Approximately 0.8 carat Padparadascha Faceted Oval & 0.12 carat White Diamonds

Dimension Details

42 x 53.50 x 5.5 mm.

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