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Marc Alary

Elephant Caravan Ring Stones

Elephant Caravan Ring Stones

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The ancient caravans transporting luxurious goods such as silk or jewelry carried by elephants and camel during the time of the silk road connecting China, India and Persia, Europe and Arabia were behind the inspiration for this piece. Marc uses the Sapphires set in the casing of the elephants as a reference for the jewels and treasures that were transported during those magical journeys. Each elephant is a link made of three individual pieces to recreate movement of the progression of the caravan. This statement piece is a tribute to this golden age.


18K Yellow Gold Articulated Elephant Caravan Bracelet and Colored Sapphires


11.70 grams of Solid Gold

4 Colored Sapphires for approximatively 0.5 carat

Dimension Details

23 x 23 x 12 mm.

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