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Marc Alary

Gazelle Horns Necklace

Gazelle Horns Necklace

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Swift and elegant, the antelope’s grace is epitomized by their ability to eloquently glide across the Savannah. For Marc Alary, they are the purest representation of true femininity in the animal kingdom. The Gazelle Horns Necklace is an espousal of the designer’s fascination and the animal’s poise. Carefully designed and sculpted to rest perfectly upon the neck and collarbones, this choker is composed of two horns, crafted to reflect the image of the antelope’s beauty.


18K Yellow Gold Double Horn Gazelle Necklace with White Diamonds


92.5 grams of Solid Gold

Approximately 1.33 carat Diamonds

Dimension Details

145 x 160 mm.

Price upon request. 

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